Crafting Connections: The Story of Our Custom Walnut Dining Table

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Custom Furniture

Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Welcome to the heart of our workshop, where stories unfold in the form of our custom live edge creation.

We not only transformed reclaimed urban lumber but also brought warmth and character to our client’s dining space.

Meet our Live Edge Custom Walnut Dining Table, a masterpiece that marries the effortless charm of repurposed urban lumber with the sleek, modern touch of steel end caps and a clad “V” base.

Every great creation has its roots, and ours delve deep into the heart of Phoenix.

Our commitment to sustainability led us to repurpose urban lumber, giving a second life to wood that had once been part of the urban landscape. This walnut, weathered by time and infused with the stories, became the canvas for our craftsmanship.

The live edge of this walnut dining table isn’t just a design choice; it’s a celebration of nature’s imperfections.

The natural edge, untouched and authentic, creates a connection to the living tree it once was. Each knot and curve tells a story, making this dining table a true testament to the beauty found in the irregularities of life.

Walnut Dining Table

To add an industrial edge and ensure durability, we incorporated steel end caps that frame the live edge.

This not only accentuates the organic lines of the wood but also provides a robust contrast, marrying the raw beauty of nature with the strength of steel. It’s a harmonious union of two worlds — the delicate and the industrial.

Beneath the walnut surface lies a foundation of artistry. The “V” shaped steel base, clad in the same hardwood, offers a modern twist to the narrative.

It’s a striking balance, where the strength of steel meets the warmth of repurposed urban lumber, creating a piece that is as functional as it is visually captivating.

Our client’s vision was at the forefront of this project. We collaborated closely, ensuring every detail resonated with their style and preferences. The result is not just a dining table; it’s a personal connection between craftsmanship and the client’s unique story.

In the heart of this Live Edge Custom Walnut Dining Table lies more than just wood and steel; it’s a journey from city streets to the heart of a home.

This creation is a testament to the beauty of sustainability, the artistry of live edges, and the harmonious marriage of natural elements with industrial design.


It’s not just custom furniture; it’s a conversation starter, a piece that invites you to sit, share stories, and craft new memories.


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