Ironwood Mills – Where DIY Dreams Take Shape.

Hey there, woodworkers!

You’ve just landed on the ultimate hub for all your creative dreams—Ironwood Mills. We’re thrilled to welcome you into our vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts, where passion for woodworking meets top-notch craftsmanship.

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Fuel Your Creativity

At Ironwood Mills, we believe that imagination knows no bounds.

Our treasure trove of top-quality materials is here to ignite your creativity and bring your DIY projects to life. With exotic and sturdy hardwoods, our diverse selection will have you raring to create something truly extraordinary.

Woodworkers fuel your creativity at Ironwood Mills
Craftsmanship that Inspires

Craftsmanship that Inspires

When it comes to woodworking, the art is in the details, and we couldn’t agree more.

Our team of skilled craftsmen takes immense pride in delivering products that inspire and elevate your projects. With each purchase from Ironwood Mills, you get a taste of our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Blend Timeless Tradition with Modern DIY

Whether you’re a fan of traditional woodworking techniques or you love exploring the latest trends, Ironwood Mills offers a beautiful fusion of timeless tradition and modern flair.

Our range of products caters to both the seasoned woodworker and the enthusiastic beginner, ensuring everyone can embark on a fulfilling DIY journey.

Urban lumber wood slab sales for woodworkers in Phoenix

Your Personal DIY Playground

Come on down to our shop and let your imagination run wild!

We know that your passion for woodworking deserves a playground tailored just for you. Browse our wide array of hardwood slabs, get inspired by our projects, and let your imagination soar.

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Large Acacia Hardwood Slab

Quality that Endures

We know how much effort goes into your woodworking projects, and we want your creations to stand the test of time.

That’s why we source our materials with the utmost care and ensure they meet the highest standards of durability and reliability. With Ironwood Mills, you can trust that your DIY masterpieces will be cherished for generations to come.

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Scott Mills and Leah Bosworth invite you to join the Ironwood Mills family.

Join Our DIY Family

At Ironwood Mills, we are more than just a marketplace; we’re a close-knit community of passionate DIY woodworkers.

Together, we share tips, tricks, and ideas, lifting each other as we embark on our woodworking adventures. Join our ever-growing family, and let’s create, learn, and grow together!

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Explore Ironwood Mills Today

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Ironwood Mills – Where DIY Dreams Take Shape.


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We are located on the SW corner of Butler at 7th street; our entrance is behind Ironwood Yoga Studios.

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