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Our Story

Our vision is to elevate the art of craftsmanship, raise awareness and educate our community about this valuable resource.

Inspired by these unique desert hardwoods and the chance to make a difference, Scott Mills and Leah Bosworth together created Ironwood Mills.

By combining their collective energy, Scott and Leah have turned a former warehouse space into a hub of creativity, art and a thriving business in their community.

Leah decided she was going to start a business and opened a yoga studio.

At the time, the high end construction company Scott was working for dissolved, and so it was sort of perfect timing.

Scott had the creative freedom to build Ironwood Yoga Studios and that’s when he started building furniture.
He thought, “this feels right, but this material is expensive. How can I make this work”?

Scott (ever the treasure hunter) stumbled upon a big field of logs up on Highway 17, worked a deal with the owner and acquired a lot of beautiful trees that were headed for the landfill.

He started meeting arborists and rescuing trees from people’s backyards. He quickly began accumulating a pile of logs, and when he looked around to find a place to mill them, there weren’t that many options. So he and a former business partner (Osha Levgin) decided to buy a sawmill and start milling on their own.

From there, Ironwood Mills took off. We started as a happy accident and grew from there.

High-res photos

Ironwood Mills Team
Ironwood Mills Team
Scott Mills
Ironwood Mills Urban Lumber
Ironwood Mills Urban Lumber
Ironwood Mills Urban Lumber
Commercial Table with Power and Steel Jax Base
Commercial Conference Table - Eucalyptus
Commercial Tech Table - Acacia
Ironwood Mills Residential - Chinaberry Dining Table
Ironwood Mills Residential - Eucalyptus and Concrete Bench with Steel Inserts
Ironwood Mills Residential - Walnut coffee table

Media Contacts

Scott Mills

Owner, Craftsman & Log Wrangler

Leah Bosworth

Owner, Wordsmith & Woodworker Wrangler

8342 N 7th Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85020


Ironwood Mills Logos

Ironwood Mills Primary Logo - Coffee
Ironwood Mills Primary Logo - Unimog
Ironwood Mills Primary Logo - Cypress
Ironwood Mills Primary Logo - Ironwood
Ironwood Mills Stamp - Coffee
Ironwood Mills Stamp - Unimog
Ironwood Mills Stamp - Cypress
Ironwood Mills Stamp - Ironwood
Ironwood Mills Horizontal Logo - Black
Ironwood Mills Wordmark - Unimog
Ironwood Mills Wordmark - Cypress
Ironwood Mills Wordmark - Ironwood

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