Discover the extraordinary

Create Heirloom pieces your children will fight over.

Saving Trees

There are many reasons trees have to be taken down and unfortunately most of the time these trees end up in the landfill.

We work with a handful of Arborists to help rescue and reuse these local trees and turn them into something extraordinary. If you have a tree that has fallen or needs to come down for natural reasons – please contact us so we can determine if it can be salvaged.


With our Lucas Mill 10-30 we have a unique capability to cut trees up to 5′ in diameter and 21′ long. We can also cut dimensional lumber up to 10×10. The portability allows for on-site milling with very low impact.

We also love our hydraulic Woodmeiser bandsaw mill. It is the perfect compliment to our large capacity Lucas mill allowing for efficient milling of smaller scale logs.

Furniture Design

At Ironwood Mills, our skilled team creates furniture that is fundamentally sustainable yet stunning: pieces of enduring quality that can be passed down to the next generation.

We do custom woodworking & steel fabrication and love to collaborate with builders, architects and designers to compliment their creative vision.

Steel Fabrication

Kiln Drying

You will love working with us if:


You want something special


You want quality, unique and handcrafted furniture


You want someone who can intuitively understand your needs and exceed your expectations


You love the environment and think it’s important


You love wood and drama (the good kind)


You want someone to be in the driver’s seat to create a masterpiece for you


You love to support small and local business


You just want something cool that your friends don’t have

All of our furniture is custom made to order. Contact us to begin your journey.